Urban Pioneers

Similar to a good homemade chili, lots of different ingredients are infused into the Urban Pioneers homemade sound. Add equal parts western swing, old time string band music, and classic honky tonk, with a pinch of bluegrass, rockabilly, and gypsy jazz, stir with some hot licks and corny jokes, and you'll be getting close to what the band calls Hillbilly Swing Music.
The trio are made up by Liz Sloan on fiddle, Jared McGovern on guitar and banjo, Martin Sargent slapping the doghouse bass, and every so often you'll see them with a guest on mandolin or steel guitar.
Since the bands inception they have been on the road criss-crossing the US and Europe virtually non-stop. They pride themselves on their work ethic and have played everywhere from back yards and punk bars to festivals and goat farms.